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 New blue tongue skink, advice please?

Hello all. I just got a blue tongue skink [irian jaya, looks like], only 3-4 inches from adult size. This was an unexpected addition to my reptile collection, I got an offer to trade 10 axolotl juvies for the skink and I couldn’t resist.
She’s currently in a very simple setup. Basking spot is 90+, ambient air temp is 80. UVB present. She has a hiding log with wet moss in it. Large water bowl. Substrate is paper towels until further notice.
I got her on monday so I can’t expect her to adapt too soon. But I’m concerned about her appetite. I understand BTS are supposed to be voracious eaters? This one hasn’t eaten a single thing since she got here. I’ve offered banana, butternut squash, spinach, apple, plus my homemade iguana veggie blend. I’ve also offered crickets and Zoo Med’s omnivorous canned lizard food. No luck at all!
Is this normal for her to not eat the first week or so, or should I be concerned?

01/24/13  04:31pm


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  Message To: PsyTrance666   In reference to Message Id: 2290404

 New blue tongue skink, advice please?

its normal for them not to eat for the first week so i wouldnt be worried u can also try feeding grapes and straw beeries

01/25/13  07:25pm

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