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Cixelsyd kniks
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 Hi everyone. this is my introduction and advice if you would. hahaa

well i been highly interested in reptiles most my life. mainly lizards and turtles. but i am starting to like amphibians now also. i have had, 3 iguanas, 5 turtles 3 were res 2 were eastern paints that i saved from a crane lookin bird. lol 1 anole and 1 bearded dragon. who i hade to give up since i was moving n didnt want her to starve till i had a steady income. so she went to a breeder. i have also became star struck by live terrariums (no fake plants). im perticulary interested in these gorgeous species fire skinks. red eyed crocodile skinks, american bullfrogs, tiger salamanders, european legless lizard, and last but far from least the ultimate one in my collection to come. curvier dwarf caiman NOTE THAT I AM IN THE PROCESS OF TRAINING WITH CROC HANDLERS BEFORE I EVEN START THE CAGE. With that out the way.

fire skinks are going to be my first setup... i am planning on giving these guys 16sq ft of floor space and 3ft of height to make multiple levels of hills cliffs.. i plan on makin a false bottom in this as well. as u all can tell im going to be using plywood (oak or birch) to build it. with a 1 x 2 frame for wire hiding. but i am at a lost on sealing i read so much about sealing i confused myself.. haaahaa. but can i just use drylok on the ply. where the substrate will be and for the bottom for the water after draining... then use a diffrent sealer/paint for above the substrate. there will be a 3d background on 3 sides of this enclosure. i want to go all out on this.. money is a object. but imma spend it like its not lol.... but to save money names of the cheaper products i can use will do great.. i will start my build thread once i have bought 95% of everything. which wont be for awhile. but its better to research years in advance then wait for the last week before u decide to build it.. thanks to all that read this. i apologize. thanks to all those who respond as well.... i dont have internet at home. but will check perodically here and there. thanks so much. and lets help keep the reptile trade open for future reptile keepers.

09/26/12  11:50am

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