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Kyeend   Lizard girl 4  

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 Crocodile Skink Very Sick

I have had a crocodile skink since December, we were not sure how old he/she was when we got it. We recently moved to a new house (not a new town though) and she is very sick. She has not eaten anything for about a month and I know sometimes they don’t eat often, but now she isn’t eating at all. She is very skinny and now is beginning to look discolored. She doesn’t open her eyes and only moves around under her hide, but will not come out. We do not have any vets who specialize in reptiles here and I’m really beginning to get worried. We are cleaning her cage today to see if that helps, but I’m not sure what else to do.

09/18/12  10:31am


Lizard girl 4
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 Crocodile Skink Very Sick

I don’t think the skink part of the forum is very busy. I would try posting this on the Lizards-In-General part. Sorry I can’t help! Hope it gets better!

09/18/12  10:55am

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