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 Anything about Handling and/or caring for a BTS

Do any of you folks know anything about handling and caring for a Blue tongue Skink. I am not new to lizards or the reptile category, however I am fairly new to larger lizards and reptiles, reptiles such as skinks, tegus, and monitors. I am fairly or reasonably experienced in smaller reptiles or herps. Such as the leopard geckos and the similar sized reptiles.

So basically what information I am looking for? Anything that you guys feel is important to know. I currently have a Leopard Gecko, Russian Tortoise, a ferret and a 4 year old German Shepherd. I know not to have any of these animals in each others presence. So dont worry bout that. Anything that you feel is helpful is greatly appreciated.

09/04/12  07:38pm


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 Anything about Handling and/or caring for a BTS

We got 2 blueys ...2 years ago roughly...Our first time with them and we learned everything here

READ READ READ....tons of great info...

If you have specific questions, just reply to this thread and I will see the notification


09/18/12  07:15am

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