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Cixelsyd kniks
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 Red eyed croc skink 40gal breeder plans. comments needed

hi im plannin on buildin a extravagant 40 gal breeder for red eyed skinks. i was wondering if any of you with personal exp. can help me in my prodject. comments advice opinions anything that will keep my 3 to 5 month future pets happy and thrive.

i plan on makin it almost exactly like there natural habitat. with that said. im planin on buildin a false bottom in two section of the tank. the left back n the bback right corner. by doin this there will almost 50 50 of land n water. now i kno everything i need to kno on how to build the false bbottom. n stuff with that. but here is what i need to kno.
1. plants that dont need much maintance n stay realativly small. and can handle high humidity.

2. also a plant thats like a tree. .

3. water depth. (major need to kno) i heard few inches but they live near water streams ect. so dont see why they cant have atleast 4 or 5 inches max. they get 10 inches for croc sake.

4. how many can i fit. i read 10 gals for every RECS.

5. what are those things ppl add to help with waste. lol (iopolis) something like that.

6. food. i read no crickets n roaches i read yes u can. i seen sheets say even new born pinkies (that shocked me) worms fish locust and beetles. please help me here. n if u can on how much these little guys consume. hope they not compactors like the bd.

7. did they ever breed on their own with out cycle changes made.

8. can i use a canister to make my stream. btw. i will drill 4 holes one under each false bottom n on in the pond area n one in the back left corner where i plan to have the stream come from.

9. what would be a good uvb/uva for all my plants

10. there are more questions to come as time goes by. but please feel free to msg me. thanks for the help n stuff in advance. i just want to be well knowledged for when i get them. :) thanks again

08/25/12  02:48am

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