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 Having Troubles With Your Skink?

Ok I have noticed over a long period of studying Tiliqua scincoides(Common-Blue Tongue Skink) and other species like
-Riopa fernandi (Fire Skink)
-Eumeces fasciatus (5 Line Skink)
and other closely related species.
Anyways I have been asked and have seen askings of what does this mean and what does that mean like the deformed jaw on a Blue Tongue Skink mean and how can i stop it, what am I suppose to do and other things. I will list quite a few of the most common Skink species diseases and deformities(Mouth/Bone).
Ok first off for almost all of the Skink species theres the lower jaw scrapes and deformities. This is most of the time caused by malnutrition in Calcium D3 and UVB light. Most lizard experts will say UVB light is not needed. I have read from my studies and experiances it is completely necasary. If the lizard is not cared for by having the food dusted with Calcium D3 and having a UVB light then physical deformities will begin.The jaw rot will look like something like a bad shed. A few scales will be missing and it will look red sometimes almost bent in like. The lower jaw also can become smaller and the skink will have a tough time eating. This can happen in almost any Skink from the Skink species. It can be easily cured if treated before it becomes to wide spread and to over rotted/deformed. The bottom jaw isnt the only part that gets bad. Just behind where their mouth will become a little bit swollen. Over a very short period if the lizard does not get calcium then it will become more swollen and swollen like what we would see as a "Cyst". This is very very uncomfortable for the lizard. The build up is of and blood. With out the calcium the blood circulation becomes worse and the lizards immunity systam becomes worse and worse. As the area gets infected the jaw will become sevirly deformed. The lizard wont be able to open its mouth and the skin/scales will not grow so interm the eyes in the eye socket can go down beneath the skin and also contract the disease. Its not just the jaw and eyes that get affected but also the brain. It travels up behind the skull into near the back of the brain. Though it has to be very late in the disease for this to happen. I feel terrible and upmost disapointed in myself to say this but it happened to my 5 Lined Skink. I did not notice it was happening because for the first week of the disease that side of the skull and flesh grows larger all at once so it is hard to notice. Then when it inflates it becomes very large very fast. What happened with mine is when i got back from a trip is it was so bad it started to aggitated the lizard so bad it was thrashing its head around and then one time it popped and the "Cyst" like flesh wound was a grousome sight. Dont be fooled even though how small the lizard gets mines full age and the "Cyst" got bigger than his head it size. 2 days after i got back when it popped i brought him to the vet. We had to get a thing of shots, special antibacterial medicine and the total was around 130$. He is fully cured besides one side affect. How bad it has gotten he has almost no vision now. I am so upset with how bad it had gotten. At the time i did not realize they had to be so calcium supplied. He eats very well. This all happened over a period of time i was not near him enough to notice what was happening. Please use some of these tips to keep your lizard nutriotioned with Calcium and D3 and Definatly use a UVB bulb with Skink species its a must. Be warned do not overuse Calcium D3. Use about everyother day you can overdose the lizard and it can be harmful. With out D3 though skinks do not grow as well or as fast.
Another thing is if you give your lizard a lot of calcium then use a Blacklight at night. For some reason a black light helps the break down of the calcium. Almost all the people I tell this to do not believe me. You dont need to use it but its a very good idea. It allows the lizard to grow fast with it.
Another very common disease with lizards is MBD(Metabolic Bone Disease). It is very commmon in Blue Tongue Skinks compared to other diseases. MBD can also happen from bad health/enviroment for the lizard. Always use Calcium Dust and feed it what the lizard is suppose to eat. Also do not use under the minimum size of a tank that the lizard requires. This disease is very painful and very very common with big breading businesses. They keep a lot of the lizards in plastic storage totes way to small for the lizard. Sometimes shorter than the lizards length. This is a very easy thing to prevent and most people wont have to deal with it.
Please use what I have said to help you take care of your lizard. If you have a problem with your lizard please post it here and i will do my best to diagnose the problem. Or you can Pm me.
Thank you i hope this helps.

04/21/08  06:02pm


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  Message To: Repti_Man3   In reference to Message Id: 1711540

 Having Troubles With Your Skink?

i have a fire skink, and i’ve had him for 3 years now. he has calcium with every batch of crickets and 75w lighting over his tank, and his tank is placed near a window, out of the way of any air vents.
he recently has been breathing and basking with his mouth opened. i can’t tell if he has labored breath or not, but i’m growing concerned. he just finished shedding, and looks healthy.
any suggestions?

08/18/09  01:03pm


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  Message To: Melbel1023   In reference to Message Id: 2059557

 Having Troubles With Your Skink?

get the skink away from the window. What are the temperatures in the tank? Basking, cool side, and ambient?

08/18/09  07:25pm


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  Message To: Repti_Man3   In reference to Message Id: 1711540

 Having Troubles With Your Skink?

I purchased a BTS on 9-21-09 It is now 10-5-09 and i have noticed a strange odor emitting from his mouth and possibly ears when we called the pet store we described the odor to smell similar to the canned dog food we had fed him .They had not experienced this. Not sure if i can give the brand name. We have the proper lighting/bedding/temerature/space. And food as far as we know but we didnt purchase the calcium dust and the pet store also didnt mention anything about a black light. Were concerned And dont want him to be neglected. We interact with him daily and wash our hands before and after we handle him due to having other pets. Has anyone else experienced this with their BTS we have searched the web and havent seen anything about odor. PLEASE HELP.

10/05/09  05:16pm


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  Message To: Repti_Man3   In reference to Message Id: 1711540

 Having Troubles With Your Skink?

Ok u mentioned that the 5 lined skink gets cysts when they don’t get the calcium they need well my skink is full grown and has one on her right side can small but i want it gone or im turning it loose i dont want to be responsible or killing it ill never forgive myself is there a way to get rid of it?

06/13/12  03:24am


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  Message To: Raptorgirl81   In reference to Message Id: 2269840

 Having Troubles With Your Skink?


06/19/12  05:06pm

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