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 My ball python is shedding or dying?

I have had a ball python since November. I traded for him at an expo and he is 3 ft, maybe 2 years old. When I brought him home I couldn’t get him to eat. I tried mice every day, and after 3 weeks of not eating took him to my reptile vet. The vet said that he might be adjusting or just simply hibernating because of the temperature and time of year. So we waited and waited. I have offered him mice every other day since November and he takes little interest in them, live or dead. I took him to my vet again 3 weeks ago and they said that he will probably start eating again once he sheds. He does drink lots of water, stay warm (he has a heat lamp and a place to hide) and he was active up until today. Today I picked him up to clean out his tank and he would not wrap around my arm, he seems limp and can’t really hold his head up with out tilting it, his belly seems pink and the scales around his anus are really dry (odd looking like dead/ dry scales). Could this be a sign of shedding? My past python started shedding when his eyes got cloudy and this one has very clear eyes...

01/21/15  10:49pm

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