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 Problem with a young Florida King

Help! We bought our 7 year old a Florida King snake for her birthday. We are new snake owners, although I have handled and fed snakes in the past. The first three months went well, we introduced ourselves to the snake slowly and carefully; feeding was going well etc. I cleaned his tank weekly, just about two days following feeding. My husband is a bit nervous around snakes, but assured me that he would get past this. I had to go out of town for a month and the snake was left in the care of my husband. He had indicated that he could care for the snake and assured me, that he would continue to socialize with him. Well, upon returning, I asked my husband to remove the snake from the cage for cleaning, let’s just say it didn’t go well. My husband reacted with fear, so I did what I usually do and went to take the snake from his cage, he "S-ed" and started shaking his tail like a Rattler! Now, he is only 3 feet long, about 2 inches around and has a tiny head, so not "dangerous" but watching my former "docile" snake behaving like this is "unsettling". I asked my husband what happened, he told me that he had NOT handled him, only "touching him, on the head" or "on his back", not cleaned his cage "thoroughly" only removing, "the hard stuff". When we tried to feed him for the first time, when I returned, he was (the snake) nipped I think by his meal. So, we gave him a "fresh kill" for two feeding and just this past weekend gave him "live food", which he handled, no problem. It’s been three weeks now, I went to get him out this AM to clean his cage etc. He "S-ed" and tried to strike. I don’t want to "mishandle" him and make him more aggressive. What can I do???

11/25/14  11:54am

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