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 A Few Convenient Suggestions

I would like to suggest a few ideas that i believe would help the community and those who use this site.

-A post count so we can see peoples experience.
-Specialization by members; a title under peoples names that show what they are most experienced in so we have some "resident experts".
-A Page where very helpful and well written/detailed information can be saved and organized to be easily found, with credit given to the original poster of course.
-New layouts; the green on green is an obvious style but the selection of a more easily read style may bug some peoples eyes little less.

Thats all off the top of my head for right this second.

05/06/09  05:13pm


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 A Few Convenient Suggestions

Hello Ryan,

Thanks for the input.

Unfortunately a high post count doesn’t make somebody more experienced. We can have members that just ask a lot of questions or answering a lot of Off Topic posts. So that will definitely not define experience.

I understand what you mean by Specialization, but what would constitute a specialized member? There can be members that feel they specialized in a species, but yet only have a few months experience. Plus my opinion and other hobbyists opinions may not be same for me to appoint specialized members. I will keep this in mind and maybe find a way to do something like this in the future.

A page with helpful info we can probably figure something out on that. I know there are a few threads that members ask me to make into a we will just have to wait until the two projects I am working on now to be finished before I can start thinking on how to do this.

New layouts probably won’t be happening anytime soon. I may try a link color adjustment on the forums. This is mostly a subject of personal opinion...maybe when I get a few things done I can invest some time into rewriting some code and allow for members to choose their own colors. I haven’t made any decision on this.

Thanks again. Please feel free to add or comment on any of the information I provided above.

Doug - Webmaster

05/11/09  04:35pm

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