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 To Doug (Webmaster)


I have a few suggestions that would help this board alot. First would be the use of stickies. I hang around alot in the bearded dragon forums and also the ball python forums. Alot of the same questions get answered on a daily basis. It would be very nice to have a few basic stickies about proper care and habitats for their animals.

Another suggestion I have would be to appointment a few moderators or at least one dedicated moderator for each forum. This would help alot with the arguing going on especially in the Leopard Geck forum. The need to close and lock threads is very high.

One more suggestion just for fun! Being able to use signatures. This would be nice to have so people can list what types of animals they have and whatever else they would want to put down.

These are just a few tips to make this a friendlier place to post. Please respond with your input. You may also email me as well or PM me. Thanks!


04/27/08  12:54am


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  Message To: PitsnSnakes   In reference to Message Id: 1717520

 To Doug (Webmaster)

I know this was posted a long time ago but just thought I would give my two cents

I definately think there should be a moderator for each forum, some of them don’t need it but others do (not going to say names :D

05/18/08  09:14pm


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1739607

 To Doug (Webmaster)

hey Yex... i totally agree with this. and i think Doug mentioned that it has at least been considered. where, in each forum, he would assign or offer the "position" to someone he thought would be reliable, responsible and fair enough to do the job right. and they had to be an active member who frequent the site.

i dont think it necessary for all, like you say, but definitely certain ones would benefit. no names needed, they know who they

just think all the research and info i could absorb, if i were able to go in and visit, ask, learn from these so many other froums lol...

06/07/08  07:28am

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