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 Help!! Mating problems,, first timer.

I bought two beardies in august when they were each abou two months. and today while i was doing my every other daily cleaning, i saw 15 eggs, in a huge mound of sand in the back of my cage. i noticed that the female was digging large holes, but the weird thing is she ate fine the whole past week. this is my first time to find eggs, and i was not sure what to do with them all of them were shriveled up. i feel bad but, i heard most of the time the first set never make it? is there just gointg to be one set or is she going to keep layng more sets of eggs in the following weeks, and what would you suggest for a incubator?another resource told me i need an incubator. please help me im a new person to this.
Have a nice night, thanks Beardies rule. =]

03/27/08  08:41pm


Peter Gamble
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  Message To: NYG-Beardie   In reference to Message Id: 1678438

 Help!! Mating problems,, first timer.

Go to the beardie forum, not the site suggestions forum.

04/01/08  05:05pm

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