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 ZooToo Visitors Needed Urgently!

I don’t know if this is advice or recommendations, but here I go:
If you don’t know already, ZooToo is sponsoring a shelter makeover contest. It ends in 12 or 13 days. Sorry for the short notice, but I didn’t think of posting it here, and every little bit counts.
Anyway, you register with a free account. You can add pics of your pets, personalize your page with pet journals, review products and services, refer friends, get free samples of products, review news articles and MORE!!! And you can discuss animals with other people. You get points for everything you do. So, reviewing a news article is 8 points, submitting pics is 20 points, volunteering is 100 points, submitting a pet video is 40 points, etc. Then you pick which shelter you want your points to go to. Our shelter could really use them. We’re ranked 53! (We’re the Henry County Humane Society (Kewanee)) Our building is basically a shed with a couple kennels. We have the sweetest staff who are willing to stay after-hours to ensure you find the perfect pet. They’re extremely knowledgeable and care about what they’re doing! We REALLY need to place in the top 20. Shelters who place in the top 20 by 11:59:59 p.m. on March 31st will be visited by a review board, and one shelter will receive a $1,000,000 makeover! The other 19 will receive prize money of some sort.
So visit
This means a lot that you’re reading this
God bless
Jeni, Peaches, Cookie, and Heidi

03/19/08  03:47pm


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  Message To: FutureVet123   In reference to Message Id: 1667439

 ZooToo Visitors Needed Urgently!

i going asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/19/09  03:01pm

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