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 Reptic Zone SHOP!

Like repticzone shirts and hats or something. An area where you can get cool shirts with your favorite reptile on it and the reptic zone logo! I would definately buy one. Or hats. Or stickers. Or something like that. What do people think?

06/11/07  07:24pm


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1314613

 Reptic Zone SHOP!

go down like 8 threads

06/14/07  12:36pm


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  Message To: Your_only_nightmare   In reference to Message Id: 1318267

 Reptic Zone SHOP!

Good idea, but are you going to print the logos on the shirts?
do the stickers?
host the shop?

its all good and well, but the website owner might not wanna sit there for hours designing or printing and ironing the logos onto shirts. aswell as that whos going to buy the shirts for em to go on?

06/21/07  03:04pm

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