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 Here another lol.......

i am just too excited about the new changes to come lol.

ok. how impossible..or would it not be a good be able to tell who was on? you if we need to talk to a certain peeps, would that be a possibility???? b/c im always wondering when to post a ?? and who is on to answer. idunno...maybe under their profile. like on Yahoo

anyway...thanks. M-

05/26/07  04:42pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1294703

 Here another lol.......

The only problem with this is that some people stated before that they leave the site up all the time. Then if someone posted to them, they might think they are being ignored. Otherwise it could be helpful.

05/27/07  02:49pm


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  Message To: ReptileRodent   In reference to Message Id: 1295500

 Here another lol.......

thats true. didnt think of that...actually...i do that lol.

05/27/07  05:10pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1295641

 Here another lol.......

I like it... like a little icon next to your name whenever it shows up that flashes "online" or something. Even if people leave the site up. It is still a good idea.

09/17/07  03:43pm


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  Message To: Yexalen   In reference to Message Id: 1447075

 Here another lol.......

No, ive thought of that too-ALOT of other forums i belong to have a thing that says "users online" & it lists thier names & the # of people-i think its a really good idea

10/05/07  09:42pm


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  Message To: Animommy   In reference to Message Id: 1468895

 Here another lol.......

yeah these forums are pretty much getting a ONE on my scale of 1-10 of forums. It has abosolutley nothing to make me want to stay here. There are 1,000s of better choices out there

10/14/07  01:10pm


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  Message To: BTLorys   In reference to Message Id: 1478041

 Here another lol.......

no. dont get me wrong. i like these forums! i just was trying to think of ideas since this forum was here

10/22/07  05:54pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1486687

 Here another lol.......


I have ran the scenario through about a year ago, maybe a little more. I can do it, but it would not be until we move to the new server and I re-write the forums so they will run faster so I can free up some resources to do this.If we do add this feature we will also ad the feature not to be shown. I have always been in favor for clean looking forums and threads, so instead of the members names displayed like other forums have it, it will just be a link on the top and bottoms of the forums.

We will be adding a bunch of stuff as I convert. A lot more troll monitoring stuff as well to help clean up some of the forums. Some of that stuff is already being worked on now.

Although BTLorys and their many other user names is not a huge fan of me, there are many good forums out there, but one advantage that you have here as a member is that unlike most of the other sites I am an actual programmer, so I can write in features that members request. I can do so until I make the feature easy for everyone to use.

I am very much behind as you can tell by my slow responses on answering this section. Im sorry about that. Im hoping to improve that in the future. As of now Im trying to figure out the best solution to move the server in a smooth fashion as well as go over some other resource saving ideas.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Doug - Webmaster

10/30/07  01:48am

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