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 Little Luigi

I just recently got a baby yellow belly slider turtle. My friends turtle gave birth to some. I was wondering if it was still a hatchling( its shell is only about 2 inches in diameter) because i was told they do not need food when still hatchlings. please answer my question and help me with as much information as you know about baby yellow bellys so luigi can live a long healthy life. Thank you!

02/22/06  01:50am


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  Message To: Turtle-knowlege   In reference to Message Id: 661746

 Little Luigi

I had turtles that small and fed them. I didnít feed them much though. I bought those tiny tiny turtle pellets for them and maybe dropped 3 in there for it twice a day.

04/12/06  12:47pm


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  Message To: Skjonnhet   In reference to Message Id: 736803

 Little Luigi

If he/she is more than a few weeks old(2-3) than yes you should. I have one that size and he eats

04/15/08  01:14pm

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