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Olguita   The Lone Glider  

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 Need advise about our russian tortoise

My daughter wanted a Russian tort for her 12th birthday.. She already has a bearded dragon who is 3 and doing well, so we thought we would get her a tortoise too. A week ago we bought it from Petco. They had 3 others that had all been there for 6 months. We have everything for it.. It wont eat, and hasnt pooped. We have tried everything. I called the pet store and they said it is probably homesick come get another one. What should I do? Is there such thing as being homesick? Or should I have them take it to a vet to see if it has parasites or something else? They want me to try another.. This just doesnt sound right. What do yall think?

03/08/13  03:43pm


The Lone Glider
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  Message To: Olguita   In reference to Message Id: 2293429

 Need advise about our russian tortoise

Reptiles general take a few days or sometimes a week or more before they will eat after being put in a new environment. Russians are a great starter tort. They need UV lighting and the proper temps or they won’t eat/can’t digest their food. What is the setup like? Russians are very social and are fun to watch in pairs, BUT that is not to have to HAVE to have one, they do fine on their own and it wont cause them to be sad or "home sick" Good luck with the tort! post pictures of the setup and the tort. I’d love to see them:)

03/13/13  08:37am

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