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 Log in Issues and Server Crashes...

Hello Everyone,

I apologize to the members trying to log in last night. I update the scripts every December for the forums and log-in scripts. The log-in script takes effect immediately but the forum scripts have to be distributed through all the forums. It only takes a couple of seconds but I been consumed with going through logs and testing scenarios to try to come up with a reason and solution to the server crashes we have been experiencing several nights over the last month that I lost track of time. Since the crashes have come out of no where it has made it more difficult for me to track down although I do believe that I am close to a solution.

So once again I apologize and will do a better job of keeping on top of things. I think I will make some changes in RZ’s format which will help enable me to run the site more effectively and giving me more tools to work with and keep on top of things. Giving member easier access to contacting me and making me aware of any problems or issues.

I hope everybody is enjoying the holiday season. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Once again I deeply apologize for the server crashes and forgetting to redistribute the forum scripts.

Doug - Webmaster

12/19/10  06:44am

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