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 Meal worms


After having looked after the two leopard geckoís for three month for a "friend" she decided to pawn them! i said NO you do not pawn animals. even now she and her lizzards moved in with me she did not care for them at all not even feeding them. So i bought them of her but didnít know anything about them. i did buy quality food for crickets what bought my lizzards to very nice bright coulors!!!

I have been reading this site for months now end it has been really help full! Just a few questions;
Can i over feed my leopard geckoís?
how many mini meal worms do i feed my adult gecko a day?
how do i separate the meal worms from their dusty bedding as much as possible(i do it by sieve at the mo)?
why is wood chip not good as bedding?
and do i need a special type of moss?i spray water in the tank nearly daily do i need to stop doing that?

please can someone help? i only want the best for my girls, and there seems to be so much contradicting info by the so called expert shops!
all info is welcome i heve read all sorts of care sheets, i seem to have all that basis right. i now just want the best for them not just basic!!!

06/13/07  01:33pm


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 Meal worms

hi. glad to see you rescued these cute little babies. im sure theyll have a happier home now :)
its good that youve been reading up on them as well. have you been to the leo gecko forum? they have a lot of info in there and could prob answer your questions a lot faster than here.
i know you CAN over feed a leo, but not sure how much is too much. try that forum, tho. ive read it and its GOOD!! sorry i couldnt help you more and good luck with your leo. arent they just CUTE???

06/18/07  05:53pm

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