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 Emps are fighting help please

i have had a male emp for about 2 weeks in a 40 gallon tank. he is about 4 inches from head to beginning of tail. i just bought a female today who seems to be prego. i put them in the same tank and they where fine for about 11 hours. then night hit and they came out and started fighting. the female is bigger then the male, about 5 to 6 inches from head to beginning of tail. she dominated him and even had him in his back. it was pretty bad for about 5 minutes so i seperated them. they where stinging each other and had there claws locked. i dont feel like losing 40 bucks overnight. just wondering if this is normal or if i did the right thing by seperating them. i put the male into a spare 10 gallon i used for crickets. any info or help would be great.

09/16/06  01:31am


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  Message To: Unicron   In reference to Message Id: 984946

 Emps are fighting help please

Im pretty sure you posted this on VL to, like I said their seprate them and seprate the hermit crab also.

09/16/06  11:55pm


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  Message To: ReptileMan27   In reference to Message Id: 985957

 Emps are fighting help please

You paid $40 for an emp???? You got ripped off!
That aside, putting a female in the existing home of a male is not the best idea. As well, 40 gallons is a bit much for them.
Remove the female, put her in a 5 or 10 gallon and put the male in something smaller also.
How do you know she’s gravid (pregnant)?

09/18/06  07:40pm

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