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 Hello i am new

I Have to emps in a 40 gallon tank. i just got my female today. she is really pregnant which is great. i have had my male for about 2 weeks know. they have 2 caves and a nice log to hide under. my substrate is a mix of sand and coconut shredding. it seeems to work well and holds moisture nicely. also haev a little bit of moss in the tank. my most unlily thing in the tank is a ecuadorian hermit crab who does just fine with the scorpions. my male had a little altercation when i first got him where he lifted the hermit crab off the ground by his shell and shook him in the air for a bit. but they get along fine know. they even bunk together in the same cave sometimes. i was holding my male for a bit on a gloved hand but only once. i am not going to handle them casue i dont want to stress them. tomorrow i am going to add another package of eco earth so they dig more if they want to. but i have not noticed any of this yet. at some point i will setup my 70 gallon and have a whole community of emps with many babies i hope.

09/15/06  05:41pm


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 Hello i am new

Itís nice to see a new face (or name as it were) in the scorpion hobby.
I would just like to point out a few things that will need your attention and possibly some further research on.
You have 2 emps (who are now fighting) in a 40 gallon....way too large. 2 emps only need a 10 but a 20 is ok as well, but nothing larger. It makes finding food more difficult. Most certainly do not put them in a 70. Even if the female is gravid, thatís just too big.

You have hermit crabs in with scorpions....bad idea. They can injure each other, remove the crabs.

sand and coconut shredding is not a very good substrate for this species. They are rain forest scorpions. If youíre going to use pet store stuff (which I personally despise, but thatís just me) use the forest floor bedding. Peat moss works best because not only is it cheaper, but it holds up better in high temperature and high humidity environments without molding like Eco earth and the like will.

A scorpion should have at least two hides *each* so they can pick and choose where they want to be based on temperature, humidity, etc.

You probably have not noticed any burrowing because your current substrate is not conducive to burrowing and does not hold burrows well.

09/18/06  07:53pm


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 Hello i am new

Welcome to the forums :), I do agree that you should seprate the scorp and hermit crab for the safety of both.

09/18/06  09:25pm


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  Message To: Unicron   In reference to Message Id: 984412

 Hello i am new

You might want to move the male into his own seperate cage because there is a chance he will eat the babies

09/21/06  09:51pm

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