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 Can i???

hi everybody i am in the very near future getting an emperor scorpion and thought i would just double check before mucking up, i have done research etc etc and have found conflicting stories concerning bedding, ie what it burrows into and so thought i would post my query on here......i am going to be using peat moss but i have read on another forum, cannot remember where, but it says that if you add vermiculite or perlite into it, it makes the substance better for both retaining its moisture and so keeping the humidity, not having one of these magnificent creatures i thought i would ask people who have/had got them....thanks, so can i ?????

08/25/06  11:48am


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  Message To: Mutt1   In reference to Message Id: 956223

 Can i???

peat moss is great by its self.


vermiculite or perlite

poison. or at least verm. is.

08/25/06  04:58pm


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  Message To: Meee   In reference to Message Id: 956657

 Can i???

Actually, vermiculite is ok, although I personally donít usually recommend it. Peralite however, is bad stuff, you donít want to use that. It is made from crushed glass...
100% peat works just fine. Iíve had mine on it for well over 3 years and it does a great job of retaining moisture without molding. Granted, you donít want the substrate swampy. The best thing to do is to soak the peat in water and let it absorb as much as it will, squeeze it out so itís damp but not dripping water then put it in the container. After that, all youíll need to do is mist and, once a year or so, change out the substrate and put fresh in.
I use what is refered to as a "false bottom" for my rainforest scorpions. It helps greatly in maintaing humidity without having to mist.

09/15/06  06:42am


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  Message To: Metz   In reference to Message Id: 983939

 Can i???

I use just plain peat moss. The false buttom set-up works good on keeping the substrate moist. If you house your P. imperator in a rubbermaid container, you wont need to worry about a false buttom set-up or keeping the substrate moist. I have all my P. imperators in rubbermaids and I only have to mist the cage once in awhile and it stays damp. They work great for humidity loving species.

09/15/06  04:07pm

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