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ahaha i was holding my what i thought was a red claw but turned out to be a P. emp...petland mistake...
any ways i was holding him and he curled his tail downword adn looked like he was sleeping and i moved alittle and hes suddenly sprung awake and his stinger jabbed into me ahaha it didnt initially hurt untill after a few moments.. then it started itching and swelled up.. ahah just for future refference.. wahts a good way to treat a sting?? accedental or purposeful...

08/20/06  06:54pm


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Just for furture refference...they’re *scorpions* not kittens. Stop disrespecting them and you won’t get stung.
As far as stings, just leave them be. A sting from P. imperator isn’t going to cause any harm and will go away shortly. If you wanted to, you could soak the sting area in cider vinegar for about 10 minutes, but that has to be done immeditally after the sting.

08/22/06  07:40pm

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