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 Cant breed my emperors

Alright so got these four emperor scorpions.. they get along fine, but i want em 2 breed. chances are they arent all the same sex, so i dont kno. they got a moist enviorment, and they have a heat lamp black light so they think its nightime.. being nocturnal and all. hell its better then africa in that tank for em. any adivice? thannnks

08/16/06  04:48pm


Middle finger
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  Message To: KingLEVROL   In reference to Message Id: 942511

 Cant breed my emperors

1st keep them healthy then seperate it in own containers for a months. use 15 gallon tanks put a few flat rocks and put male and female at the same time. watch them in a week. if they do fine u should seperate the male before female take he as dinner. remember, make sure no stress at all.

08/17/06  07:36am


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  Message To: Middle finger   In reference to Message Id: 943634

 Cant breed my emperors


seperate the male before female take he as dinner.

This makes no sense. If kept well fed, most scorpions are not cannibalistic. She would have no reason at all to eat the male if she were kept well fed.

08/17/06  07:12pm


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  Message To: Alter_Bridge_Fan   In reference to Message Id: 944573

 Cant breed my emperors

First get rid of that black light and use a red one. Black lights should not ever be used for continual use.

If you are certain of the sex of them, leave them together, there is absolutely no need to seperate them if they are all getting along....thatís just silly to seperate them. Youíll need some smooth, flat rocks, or other smooth surface for the male(s) to put a spermatophore on and pull the female across. Keep the temps in the high 80s to 90s and the humidity in the high 80 to 90% as well and just give them time. You may or may not see them breed and females can have a gestation period of up to 6+ months.
Also, after breeding there is no need to remove the male(s) as Bridge also said....just make sure there is enough food and plenty of hides for each scorpion.
If anything, youíll want to seperate the *females* from each other....not the males. The female will not eat a male and the male will not eat the scorplings as long as there is enough food.

08/22/06  07:57pm

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