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 Can i

can i use bed-a-beast as a substarte for an emperor or something like that.

07/30/06  07:28pm


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  Message To: PythonMan   In reference to Message Id: 913800

 Can i

yes. however, petmoss is a better substrate. bed a beast can get hard when it drys which makes it hard to dig in.

07/31/06  02:03am


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  Message To: Meee   In reference to Message Id: 914319

 Can i

It is ok, but peat is better. Peat has a better PH ballance and thus, resists mold, mindew and mites a lot better than BAB. Also, BAB tends to not hold up very well in high humidity conditions and thus, would need to be changed out more often....which is something you want to avoid for the scorpionís sake.
Like Meee said, it also gets rock hard when it dries out and is very difficult to rehydrate, in addition, itís more expensive than peat moss.

08/02/06  02:57pm

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