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 Scorplings! Need Advice Please

OMG.. Iím floored! We have what we thought were two female emperor scorpions (Pandinus imperator)...guess we were wrong.
My son just called me into the room and Henrietta (Henry) has scorplings on her back! They definitely werenít there yesterday so they must have been born either last night or this morning. We are so UNPREPARED. All this time we thought we purchased two females (according to the breeder they were both females...sheesh) I would never be this irresponsible. Well, at least this explains why henrietta was so HUGE! :)

Bryan(my son) is removing the male as I type this and I just finished doing some quick research on caring for scorplings. Please correct me if Iím wrong on any of this...

1.) First, remove the male

2.) I donít need to feed them until their first moult,theyíll live off the yolk until then.
a.) One site states that Pandinus sp will care for her young until the third this true?

3.)After their first moult, theyíll eat true pinheads.
a). What do we do for water?
b.) deli cups for each should be ok?

I do need to know how old do they need to be before I start finding them new homes?

Iíll keep doing research and Iíd really appreciated any input. Thank you!

Diane (Med)

06/29/06  06:42pm


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  Message To: Med   In reference to Message Id: 858625

 Scorplings! Need Advice Please

OK, I read a GREAT post from Metz further down the list about the care of scorplings. I did a site search first.. donít know how I missed it...oops!

I guess now all I still need to know is
**how do we give the scorplings water after they come off of momís back?

**One site states that Pandinus sp will care for her young until the third this true?

** how old do they need to be before finding them new homes?


06/29/06  06:55pm


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  Message To: Med   In reference to Message Id: 858651

 Scorplings! Need Advice Please

First of all, they could still be both females. Thereís a very good chance that the female came into your care already gravid. Thatís fairly common with wild caught specimens. Are you sure they were CBB and not wild caught?

06/30/06  11:34am


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  Message To: Alter_Bridge_Fan   In reference to Message Id: 859888

 Scorplings! Need Advice Please

You donít need to worry about water for the scorplings, especially while they are still with Mom. They will get the majority of the moisture they need from the food they eat. You will want to make sure that you feed Mom well so she can, in turn, feed the babies.
Once they molt and start coming off her back, then you can remove them from her container. You can either keep all of the babies together in one larger container with many hides and enough substrate for them all to burrow in, or, you can put them in individual deli cups.
You will not want to start selling or giving them away until they have eaten well at least two or three times in a row.
For small scorplings, the only water that is needed is whatever hits the sides and bottom of the container when it is misted. Since they are a rainforest species as it is, moisture isnít really a problem.
You can feed the babies any prey that is 1/3 their body size, not counting tail. I feed my scorplings small meal worms, but I donít feed crickets at all, ever, so....

06/30/06  04:34pm


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  Message To: Metz   In reference to Message Id: 860365

 Scorplings! Need Advice Please

Alter:: Perhaps she was already gravid when we got her, I thought of that later. Iím pretty certain they are both CB because I got them from the same breeder that supplied the small pet shop here before they went out of business. I have to laugh at myself now because I was an absolute mess when I was typing that first post... I had "new parent" syndrome! haha
Iím still VERY excited,but not a wreck like yesterday. *grin*

Metz: Gotcha, no crickets. I keep a good supply of small meal worms as feeders for the other creatures,especially my baby Tís, so no problem there. All the rest sounds similar to the basic care of the rainforest sílings. I really appreciate it! Just like a new mom, I was second guessing everything,hoping I was doing it right. heh
I hadnít planned on ever breeding Henri so I was caught off guard. As a matter of fact, I had never even seen a living scorpling before. Then I woke up to 10 of them... it was definitely an OMG moment! I thought my son was yanking my chain when he came in and told me. Ahhh...lifeís little surprises!

All the best!
Med :)

06/30/06  06:11pm

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