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 Metz read this

i have a scorpion and was told you know everything about them are emperor scorpions harmful to hamsters and what bedding can you use for them .

06/20/06  02:04pm


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why would you need to know if a hamster would be harmned by an emp? you want about 5-6 inches of peatmoss as a substrate. temp and humidity both arounf 80. if you have trouble with the humidity, you will want to cover part of the cage top with suran(sp) wrap.

06/21/06  01:02am


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 Metz read this

Well I most certainaly donít know "everything" about scorpions. Actually, I know a whole lot more about tarantulas. However, I do know about the scorpion species that I keep.
P. imperator are not harmfull to humans. They are reluctant to sting but will readilly pinch and that can hurt like a son of a gun, especially with those huge claws of theirs.
I too am wondering why you would need to know if they are harmful to hamsters.
The answer to that would be yes, they are. As well, a hamster can be harmful to a scorpion as well if they bit them with those sharp little needle hamster teeth of theirs.
Imps are rainforest scorpions who like it hot and humid and like to burrow. As Mee said, they like their temperatures and humidity in the 80s. They also need a good amount of substrate with which to burrow in as well as a couple hides to chosse from.
Peat moss is a very good substrate to use, especially with high humidity species because it does not deteriate as quickly as other substrates and is more resistant to mold, mildew and mites, which can all become a problem in high humidity set ups.
You will want to provide a large, wide shallow water dish for them as well.
They are nocturnal so putting light on them is not a good idea. If additional heat is needed you can use a heat mat or heat tape. If you do, place them on the side of the container near the water dish and do not put them on the bottom. You can also use red heat lights but if you do that, monitor the temperature carefully, do not use a bulb that is higher than 40 watts and monitor humidity more closely because heat lights dry out the moisture in the air a lot more quickly.
You donít need their container swampy but you do want it humid....they like saunas.
And remember, a happy imp is an invisible imp because they will generally stay burrowed or in their hides when they are happy and content.

06/23/06  07:07pm

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