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 Is this okay?

Well, I wonder what to put land for my emperpor scorpion?
Is sand okay? Or what?
What types of land should I put in this 5 gallons?

06/16/06  01:40pm


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  Message To: Jake_5   In reference to Message Id: 835873

 Sand is a no no!!

Sand is a big no no!!!!
Use peat moss.
Emps are not a sand dwelling scorpion.
Peat moss helps to maintain humidity.

06/16/06  07:56pm


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  Message To: Mitch2558   In reference to Message Id: 836328

 Sand is a no no!!

sand is horrible, emperor scorps are a rainforest species, use either peat moss or dirt.there are care sheets here and you obviously dont know a lot about imp. scorps so look at them before buying the scorp.

06/18/06  02:18pm


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  Message To: Meee   In reference to Message Id: 838371

 Sand is a no no!!

As the others have said...sand is a no no for P. imperator.
The caresheets that are here are *ok* but take them with a grain of salt.
What I would recommend for substrate would be peat moss. Soil is ok but tends to get muddy under high humidity, which imps require and is more prone to mold.
You want to put enough substrate in so the scorpion can burrow, about one inch of substrate per inch of the scorpionís length.
Do not put light on it and if you use heating divices, put them on the *side* of the tank near the water dish and not on the bottom of the tank. Make sure your scorpion as a couple hides to choose from and a wide, shallow water dish that is large enough for them to climb into but is shallow enough that they can easily climb out, or, put some slate or smooth stones in the water dish if it is too deep. Too deep would be anything that is taller than the scorpion its self. The ideal depth should be up to the top of the scorpionís legs.
They like their homes to be saunas (hence, rainforest species) so have their temperature around 75 to 90 degrees F. and their humidity around 80+%. It is ok to let the temps and humidity flucuiate, especially during the eveings and overnight, as they should drop at night.

06/18/06  07:49pm

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