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 Thirsty Emperor

I thought these where cool.
First time ive seen my emps drink.
Cant stop watching them eat. Looks so cool.

06/06/06  12:23am


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  Message To: Mitch2558   In reference to Message Id: 821272

 Thirsty Emperor

what type of dish should i put in his housing

06/07/06  10:27pm


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  Message To: Lilperez   In reference to Message Id: 824207

 Thirsty Emperor

Give emps a wide, shallow water dish that they can easily step into and out of when they want to. Often times emps will "bathe" in their water dishes so you want to make sure that the dish is not too deep. If you can not find something that is shallow enough, you can put smooth stones in it so the scorpion can easily climb in and out.

06/08/06  04:40pm

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