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 Substrate and venom

i am using cypress mulch for scorpion right know because it retains humidity. i have it 3 inches deep. is this a good substrate or should i change it? also i was just curious if the venom was took out a scorpion would it die?

05/14/06  09:10am


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 Substrate and venom

Well, depending on what species of scorpion you have will decide a lot. But, that being said, cypress mulch is not a good substrate for scorpions in general. It is too loose for a burrowing scorpion to be able to build a stable burrow and would hold too much moisture for a desert species.
As far as the venom being removed, yes, it would most likely kill them, if not because there are no vets that know how to do it properly, then because it is very difficult to do and is not necessary to do. Scorpions have venom for a reason...they use it to subdue and kill their prey. If you have an emperor scorpion then you donít need to worry about their venom anyway, itís not very potent. Their pinch would probably do more harm than their sting.

05/16/06  09:18pm

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