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 Mixing my scorpions

I have 2 Emperors and 2 asian hissing scorps and theyíre in seperate vivís at the moment. What I was wondering is can I mix the 2 species without them killing each other (both females happen to be pregnant aswell!).

The reason I ask is that I have a big viv but canít decide who should get it so if I can mix that would be ideal.


05/06/06  02:02pm


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 Mixing my scorpions

Do you know the scientific name of the asian hissing scorpion or can you get a picture of them? Iím inclined to say no that you can not put them all in one container but I want to be able to read up on them first and common names donít help. There is an "African" hissing scorpion but Iíve never heard of an asian one.

05/06/06  08:15pm

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