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 Emperpor scorpions

what is all the things i need to know about emperor scorpions an all the stuff i need to own an emperor scorpion an what what kind of a play toy should i use for there hide out spots

04/20/06  01:25pm


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 Emperpor scorpions

The best thing to get info from is research. Go to a search engine and type in Emperor Scorpion Caresheets, just compare like 5 of them together and then you can exit out the fake info there・s afew emp scorpion caresheets on this website and they・re very good too.. If you don・t take the time and be responsible enough to do research and learn about them then how have you earned it? I really don・t mean to be rude ar be a jerk and if I am I honestly don・t mean to and I apologize. I・m just speaking my mind. I・ll give you some basic facts though but you・ll have to find out the rest without me. I really am sorry if I・m sounding like a jerk. Facts:

Size, Weight and Life Span: Adults vary between 5 to 8 inches in size. They can live up to eight years or more, and weigh about 2 oz.

Scorpions love to dig, if they cant, they・ll become stressed can fall ill or die. Give them at least 4 inches to dig.

A shallow water holder with a rock near the side to help them get out if they fall in (they cant swim).

They・re really nice and they don・t get too aggressive.

That・s all I・m going to share... the care sheets here are VERY good though. Check ・em out.

03/20/07  06:35pm

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