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 Baby blackrock (Urodacus Manicatus)scorps with no mum

Oh man i have no idea what to do i have 10 baby scorps that have molted there first skin and just as they were leaving there mothers back to explore the mother died ?? The question i need answered is can they survive without her protection and what can i feed them. They are not quik enough to kill even a small cricket and they will not eat a dead 1. please help as i dont want these little bubs to die on me.

03/09/06  10:39pm


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 Baby blackrock (Urodacus Manicatus)scorps with no mum

If they have already molted and were leaving Momís back, they are ready to fend for themselves. They will not eat anything that is larger than about 1/3 their size. Just because they *seem* too slow to catch a cricket does not mean they are. Put in about 20 pinhead crickets (if they are all still in the same container) and let them have at them. Do not fret if some die, thatís natureís way, the strongest will survive.
Do you know how/why the mother died?

03/10/06  03:44am

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