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 Emperor Babies

my emperor just had like i think i counted 12 babies the other day.. i didnt even know she was pregnant .. i just came home to her with like 4 babies on her back .. and the next day that number went up to 12 .. im not tooo sure what to do ? she has a few crickets in with her .. do i just leave her alone with the mother ? or like when do i have to take the babies and when do they molt ? ive naver even seen mine molt and am nopt really sure what molting is exactly .

02/27/06  10:19am


Alan Johnson
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  Message To: DeadMemory   In reference to Message Id: 669196

 Emperor Babies

Just leave her alone as little disturbance as poss ,don’t even breath on them ,I have just discovered to my horror that all my babies are dead and i feel this was due to to much disturbance in there tank(SH.. d..)

02/27/06  10:33am


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  Message To: Alan Johnson   In reference to Message Id: 669205

 Emperor Babies

Oh man Alan, that sucks, I’m so sorry.
He’s right, leave her be with her babies and just keep the water dish clean and full and make sure she’s eating. The babies will molt in about 3 weeks. You’ll know they’ve molted when they look a little darker (and a little bigger of course) and there will be little hollow scorpion exoskeletons laying around everywhere.
Leave them with Mom until they come off her back on their own. That usually happens shortly after their first molt. Once they are running around and doing their own thing and not trying to climb back on Mom’s back, then they’re ready to fend and feed for themselves. Then you can either put them in their own individual deli cups or all of them together in a kritter keeper. If you choose to house them together, just make sure your substrate is about 2 to 4 inches deep and that you have enough hides to equal 2 per scorpion.
Oh yeah, and make sure the temps and humidity are in the high 80s or even 90s are ok, especially right now. Those babies are going to need it warm and humid.

02/28/06  05:57am

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