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 Scorpion Survives Inside Fossil Sample

Scorpions are amazing little creatures... The following is a news article today from the Associated Press:

SALT LAKE CITY - A scorpion lived for 15 months without food or water inside the plaster mold of a dinosaur fossil, breaking free only when a scientist broke open the mold.

Don DeBlieux, a paleontologist for the Utah Geological Survey, said he was sawing open the plaster mold when the scorpion wriggled from a crack in a sandstone block.

The scorpion "must have been hanging out in a crack the day we plastered him," DeBlieux said Thursday.

He discovered the two-inch critter on Jan. 5 after spending two months carefully removing the plaster mold.

Scorpions, which eat insects, are capable of surviving for months without feeding or moving in a sleep period known as diapause, said Richard Baumann, a Brigham Young University zoologist.

Under other circumstances, the scorpion might have met an untimely end, but DeBlieux said he wanted respected the creature’s will to survive. He set the scorpion free in a field on the west side of Salt Lake City.

01/26/06  08:06pm


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  Message To: Med   In reference to Message Id: 622598

 Scorpion Survives Inside Fossil Sample

Heh, cool!

01/26/06  08:39pm


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  Message To: Metz   In reference to Message Id: 622658

 Scorpion Survives Inside Fossil Sample

thats pretty cool,now this scorpion has a wild story to tell his buddies over some crickets lol

01/27/06  06:42pm

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