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 Emperor Scorpion

My scorpion is not eating enough what can I do?

01/26/06  11:37am


Alan Johnson
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  Message To: Christal   In reference to Message Id: 621967

 Emperor Scorpion

I am no expert on Emperor Scorpion(Pandinus Imperator)but from wot i have reserched on them they donít have to eat a lot . If you post there tank ,temp ,humidity wot substrata you are using someone may have more ideas the ones i have eat when they want

01/26/06  12:13pm


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  Message To: Alan Johnson   In reference to Message Id: 622000

 Emperor Scorpion

it can depend on an infinate amout of factor like alan said, if you have cleaned it out lately or changed anything then they can start to fast, keep offering food and dont worry about it, you cant force feed them anyway

01/26/06  01:36pm


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  Message To: Topgun101   In reference to Message Id: 622074

 Emperor Scorpion

How much do you expect it to be eating?
What has been said thus far pretty much covers it. Give us some more info and we can go from there.

01/26/06  02:34pm

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