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Nelson jacobson
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 Considering one

hey iv never really been to this part of the site. I usually hang around the python and monitor part. I have never owned a scorpion but I am considering an emperior scorpion. I was wondering how long do they live? (dont worry i have had pets b 4 At the moment i have A 7.5 foot carpet python, a ball python and a savanna monitor lizard.)

01/15/06  01:32pm


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  Message To: Nelson jacobson   In reference to Message Id: 606813

 Considering one

Well, your experience with snakes and other reptiles will not prepare you for keeping scorpions. Scorpion care is nothing like reptile care.
As far as how long emps live, Iím not sure, Iíve never really thought about it.

01/17/06  07:52pm


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  Message To: Metz   In reference to Message Id: 610021

 Considering one

i am pretty sure that emps are long lasting scorpions. Maybe 5-8 years with proper care. Who knows, maybe some can surpass that with proper care but yea i heard that i was around that range. And as for scorpion care, they are pretty easy to keep, but as metz said they are not the same as reptiles.

01/20/06  02:53pm

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