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Meowchii   Scorpionlover  

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 My scorpion is not eating!! >////<

I have Longi Scorpion and I’m getting worried because he/she ate last December 3. I’ve read that "you can feed your scorpion for at least once a week". But it’s 4 weeks from now and I don’t know what will I do. My scorpion is only 3inches long. What is the best advice can I get from you guys? Thank you so much.!

12/27/15  10:46pm


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  Message To: Meowchii   In reference to Message Id: 2316308

 My scorpion is not eating!! >////<

scorpions can go up to 2 months without eating! Especially if they are about to molt! and being as tiny as you say it may very well be molting soon! continue to keep five or six crickets in the cage. Clean out the dead crickets immediately so the scorpion doesn’t get sick or mites (little white or rarely red dots) around their face and body. Don’t stress too much! it took my scorpion Baby a little more than a month to acclimate and become comfortable enough to eat!

04/11/16  07:29pm

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