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Datsunguy   Scorpionlover  

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 Flinders range scorpion

Hi all, I am from Australia and have a few questions about my flinders range scorpion
It is roughly 6 months old and bought from a pet store,
I have a hygrometer and try to keep humidity around %80-90
I habw set the tank up with a false bottom and did have a tune to
Poor water down for natural diffusion, but the scorpion got stuck between the tube and tank and I had to remove it to get it out safely
It use to eat a couple of crickets a week, and be outside it’s rock quite a lot( it has dug quite a large burrow under the fake rock)
Now it has been under the rock for about 6 weeks with no movement. I put a cricket in last night and its gone now, but I’m wondering if it has just run down the scorpions hole?

If anyone has tips please let me know!

11/10/15  02:33am


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  Message To: Datsunguy   In reference to Message Id: 2315633

 Flinders range scorpion

It sounds as though your scorpion may have been injured in the process and if you are willing their are vets for exotic pets. if not an injury, any shift in the setup of their tank may stress them out and they will have to acclimate all over again. keep an eye out for that cricket because a stressed scorpion will often times only eat half of one and keeping a dead cricket in the tank will make him sick

04/11/16  07:33pm

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