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 Need Info.

I have had one scorpion a couple years ago and this summer i plan on getting at least 2. its been a while and i need someone to refresh my mind of the things i need. i have an empty 29 gallon (long) tank that my leopard gecko was in before he died. I’m hoping to make it a new home for a couple scorpions. I’m most likely going to just get 2 to reduce fighting, but if there is fighting involved, i have another empty 10 gallon tank from my last scorpion. i remember peat moss was used as a flooring unless there is something better. i also know that lighting should be the red or blue lights (night bulbs). but what should i do for hiding spots and how many. i remember my last scorpion burrowed under the water dish so i can make room for that. like i said, its been years ago since i had a scorpion so i don’t know if there is updated info i should know about. any info on food besides crickets can be useful too. thank you.

06/22/13  03:30pm


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 Need Info.

Hi there well first off what species of scorpion are you looking at? That will determine what type of substrate to use and setup. I myself have a Asian forest and a giant desert hairy. For the Asian I use dry eco earth just leave it out in the sun a while till it dries up then use. For my desert hairy I use whats called desert blend from zilla. You will want atleast 2" to 3" of substrate for them to burrow. Now for hides it should be one for each scorpion in the tank. A shallow water dish for their water. I use the resin ones by zoomed. Crickets are still a good source of feeder as I feed the same. Also roaches and mealworms can be fed too. For heat generally is not a problem if your house is above 60 at night and stays in the 70s but if worried a under the tank heater can be used. I place them on the side of the tank rather than the bottom. Yes night time viewing bulbs are great since scorpions don’t like light. Hope this helps.

09/27/15  01:43am

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