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Daisy1   DeadPoison  

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OK I bought my husband a scorpion
5 days ago.. At first it was active for the
1st and 2ND day and now we haven’t seen it come
Out at all for 2 days Or nights now
It ate 2 crickets
And now went into hiding
.. Is this normal .
This is our first scorpion...
( I would much rather have a beardie) lol

06/05/13  02:34am


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I’m a little rusty on my information with scorpions, but I’ll help the best i can. My old scorpion, Jinx, use to be the same way. Scorpions could go a while without eating but its always good to have some crickets around, just remember not to try to over feed it. When my scorpion wouldn’t really eat, I had a plastic spoon and used that to: 1- Make sure your scorpion is alive. It never ends good if you wake up a scorpion by surprise. 2. You can use the plastic spoon to drive the crickets towards your scorpion. If you have the cricket literally in its face, the scorpion will pinch it and is most likely to eat it. Never use metal spoons! If your scorpion hits it the wrong way or if you drop it, it could do some damage. Also, make sure it’s in a good habitat. For example, Emperor Scorpions are the rain-forest type and if they have sand and other things that are in the desert theme, they may not know what to do because there in an environment they don’t understand. What exactly are you using in your cage?

P.S- I own a bearded dragon. There about the same care, but hey eat more often and more choices to there diet, they’re more active during it’s awaken hours. Plus, they have quite a personality. Lol

06/22/13  03:50pm

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