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MandibleHead   Jknaup  

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 I have a scorp problem

My desert hairy hasnt eaten in about two three weeks. he was rejecting the meal worms, so i waited that out and was going to giv him crickets, hes still rejecting them. and it looks like he grabs at them sometimes, but he is moving very sloww, as if he cant move quik anymore, he even followed the cricket around for a bit, and hes not working in his tank too often anymore. Before he would change it up now and then. And he stands tall, with his pinchers cuddled in, sometimes with his pinchers out and open, but he stands still and tall mostly now and barely ever hides. he stands as tall as his legs will let him, I can probly fit a hotwheels beneath him. anybody know whats wrong ? or how I can fix it ?

01/02/13  02:37pm


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  Message To: MandibleHead   In reference to Message Id: 2288691

 I have a scorp problem

smash the cricket up so its guts are exposed but it near the scorpions face or mouth i dont recall what its called, touch it so it can get it and it should start eating i used to do that when one of mine wouldnt take food, has the heat in its enclosure dropped signifigantly?

01/04/13  07:42pm

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