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Elcuervo   BloodyEdge  

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 New scorpion owner

I recently got a new scorpion, and I’m not sure if it is sick, was hurt at the shop or previous owner, or just molting. It’s behavior seems to be pretty normal. The thing I’m concerned about is, if you look at it’s face it appears to only have one Chelicerae, or whatever the tiny pincer looking part of the mouth is called. The right side is completely missing and you can see down into it’s shell. Being new to owning scorpions I don’t know if it a normal part of molting or if it has been hurt or sick. Any info would be helpful thanks in advance.

06/15/12  04:27pm


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 New scorpion owner

Not sick from what I’m gessing. If it’s missing a Chelicerae it could have lost it in fighting with other scorpions while trying to eat it or even from lack of moisture when molting, Probably molting. Dose it seam to have problems with its food?

08/12/12  10:57am

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