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 Need Info on emperors.

i use to have an emperor scorpion a couple years ago and i plan on getting 2 sometime soon. i have a 20 gallon long tank and i know a few things that they need. my knowledge is a little rusty and i was wonder if its ok for 2 scorpions in 1 tank.

01/10/12  12:45pm


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  Message To: Sorpionlova   In reference to Message Id: 2250483

 Need Info on emperors.

Yes It is fine two have two scorpions in one tank i have 5 in one big tank.

01/14/12  12:08am


A scorpion owner
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  Message To: MRREPTILES   In reference to Message Id: 2250966

 Need Info on emperors.

just dont leave male female in same tank after breeding she will eat him

02/22/12  05:24pm


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  Message To: A scorpion owner   In reference to Message Id: 2256455

 Need Info on emperors.

thats gay, I just bought a male and put it in the same tank, I thought comunal meant its all good, will they breed at random or only under certain conditions ?, and the male is twice as big as my female, and they both have there own spots in the tank , the male kicked the female out of her spot and she found a new one lol, she tries to push him out every now and then, or she goes there when the male decides to go for an evning stroll. what do u think my best solution would be, putting in a divider ? different tank? so does this mean if i want multiple scorps i have to keep all same sex ? or sacrifice one if they breed ? what about baby scorpion care ? will pet stores buy them off me if i had a bunch of babies ? or mb ill just classify them here lol. Are desert scorpions more entertaing then emporers? or say desert scorps more entertaining then forrest scorps ?

02/27/12  04:05pm

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