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ComptonTerry200   Sorpionlova   A scorpion owner  

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 My Emp is being difficult

I bought a emperor scorpion about 3 weeks ago and I tried the eco earth and she completely refused to move or eat and i switched back to sand to see if that might change anything and her whole attitude changed and she started eating and moving around quite abit. What do I need to do?

11/22/11  07:29pm


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  Message To: ComptonTerry200   In reference to Message Id: 2245054

 My Emp is being difficult

im not a profesional on scorpions but i know that sand isnt the best option. scorpions like to burrow so sand wont work. i had peat moss and mine lived for 2 years (i bought it as an adult) and she seemed happy with that.

01/10/12  12:50pm


A scorpion owner
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  Message To: Sorpionlova   In reference to Message Id: 2250484

 My Emp is being difficult

how old is it? what color was the stinger? they live up to 8 years

02/22/12  05:21pm

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