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 How many in 55 gallon tank?

i have a 55 gallon tank that is unavailable right now with my bearded dragon, but i been planning on a new animal if one dies. like if my leoppard gecko dies, than im getting a chameleon. but if my bearded dragon does end up dying, i planned to have scorpions again. i had an emperor scorpion for 2 years which died in the middle of summer last year. but i plan on haveing multiple scorpions in my 55 galllon tank eventually. i know the materials i need like peat-moss, heat but not alot of light. and a few hiding spots. but how many could i have in a 55 gallon tank thts a safe amount where they wont fight all the time. i hope to get atleast 4 but if i need lower, then i could use as much information as i can get. i only had 1 scorpion and im new at having multiple scorpions together. the scorpions i plan on geting are still emperor scorpions.

06/06/11  11:27am

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