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 I wonder if my scorpion is pregnant?

Hi, I got my first scorpion (an Emperor) about two and a half weeks ago. I’m pretty sure she is content, but I never see her do anything. She just stays hidden all the time. I have an "off-beat" sleep schedule, I’m generally awake from 3pm-ish to 4:30am-ish, is that a problem for the scorpion? I say "she" but I’m not 100% sure... I think she may be pregnant? I made a video of her and put it on youtube, it is here: Link (the talking is really quiet, sorry)

Can you tell from the video, or is the video quality too poor? She doesn’t seem to eat much but I’ve read that that’s not unusual. I would really like it if I could see her sometimes, maybe even get her to crawl on my hand without her being afraid.

01/26/11  03:53am


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 I wonder if my scorpion is pregnant?

Hey there,

Usually the females at petstores come already pregnant because they’ve been caught from the wild and have mated there or they’ve simply mated in the tanks at the store. She looks pretty big and can be pregnant, but she could also just be full due to eating. If she gains size when you don’t feed her, that’s a good sign she’s pregnant. And don’t worry about it not coming out often. That’s normal for them and it shows that they’re healthy. Unfortunately they’re not as active as hamsters and are known as "pet holes" because they don’t leave their hides often. Your setup in the video looks perfectly fine and the scorpion looks to be very healthy as well. Hopefully she is pregnant so you can get more

01/31/11  01:45pm

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