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 Emperor Scorpion’s Stinger not pointed...

Hi all,

I’m a new owner of an Emperor Scorpion, and after inspecting it in its habitat and comparing it to others in pet shops, I’ve noticed that it’s stinger is blunted on the tip, instead of coming to a needle-point like all the others...

Is this normal? Is it a result from a fight? I believe the pet shop provided me the largest scorpion from the holding area for the sake of giving me the largest, and it just happened to have blunted stinger...

Will this correct itself over time, via molting? Should I be concerned? And finally, will this disable it in any way?

On a side note, how long would you recommend allowing it to acclimate to its new environment before attempting to handle... I’m not quite brave enough yet to attempt picking it up, but I’ve managed to slowly caress some of it’s claw and back region to get a feel for its exoskeleton... It goes into a defensive pose rather quickly, and I’ve actually seen it attempt to sting handheld inanimate objects... I thought this species was considered the most docile of all. The pet store employee had no problem handling it... I was just wondering if this, too, will change over time...

Thanks All!

12/30/10  07:52am


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  Message To: Sir_sledge   In reference to Message Id: 2195138

 Emperor Scorpion’s Stinger not pointed...

Don’t worry about the stinger. Emps almost always use their claws to crush their prey and hardly ever use their stingers. It won’t grow back, but it’s not needed anyways. You can usually handle it quickly, but the key is knowing when the scorpion has had enough. When you handle, you want to scoot it into your hand. Do this by placing your hand flat on the ground and slowing pushing the scorpion onto it. Don’t be scared of the scorpion. The less shaking, the better the experience. Make sure not to breathe directly at the scorpion because they are very sensitive to vibrations. If it does anything that scares you, remember to keep control so that you don’t accidentally fling it across the room. When it moves on your hand, swiftly, but gently place the other hand in front so it can continue moving. When done, place your hand on the ground again and push it back into its place or use a separate container to remove/return the scorpion.

01/03/11  05:47am

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