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 Mites, o rbaby crickets?

Hi. We have an emperor scorpion and she seems quite healthy. We always buy her crickets from pet stores and have never fed her anything wild. Today, I replenished her cricket supply and I’ve been watching her hunt :) But then I noticed some tiny little crawly things. Some are too small to see any detail, and others are large enough that I THINK I see feelers on them like crickets...? They are light colored, either light gray or light brown. I read about someone else having the same problem a few months back on this forum, but I can’t find that thread. So, my question is: How do I know if these are baby crickets or mites? And if they are indeed mites, what do I do?

Any insight would be much appreciated! Thank you so much ahead of time for any information you can give me :)


08/28/10  05:49pm


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 Mites, o rbaby crickets?

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To answer your question, they could be crickets or springtails.
They aren’t harmful to your scorpions, but may just be annoying. You can try to drown them by placing a waterbowl in there. They usually hop in.

09/10/10  07:44pm

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