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 Emperor scorpion possiable broken tail and leg???

My small emporer scorpion seems to have a broken tail, he is holding it completely straight and is not using it at all which he normally does(he’s rather aggressive) also one of his legs seems to be in an odd position and not being used, anyone have any ideas.
He’s not himself he’s always outside of the hide and is off his food, not sure how he could of injured it unless she has attacked him as i think she may be pregnant.
Any advice would be very much appreciated as i can not afford to take him to the exotic vets.

06/10/10  04:39pm


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  Message To: Scorpionking   In reference to Message Id: 2154744

 Emperor scorpion possible broken tail and leg???

Hey, sorry i wont be much help besides the obvious.

But if u haven’t already, I would put him in a temporary containment on his own, just in case it was the female.
If the female is pregnant she may well: attack him/be overly protective/or worst case eat him.
I don’t have any medical suggestions, sorry.

06/11/10  11:48pm


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  Message To: Doodlepig   In reference to Message Id: 2155085

 Emperor scorpion possible broken tail and leg???

do you have a picture?

a straight tail can mean he’s going to die or he’s just going to the restroom
if it lasts a long time as in days, i’d say that’s a bad sign

06/15/10  06:22am


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  Message To: Dualll   In reference to Message Id: 2155903

 Emperor scorpion possible broken tail and leg???

Hey thanx guys
sadly he died that night, have bought another larger male which has settled in fine and have just purchased a giant desert hairy too.
Think the lesson is that when your scorpon is ill before you can know whats up with them they die.

On another note does anyone know if scorpions can get mould infections? the new male has what looks like dried bird excrement on his tail not suer what it is????? hoping im not going to loose another scorpion!!!

07/09/10  10:44am


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  Message To: Scorpionking   In reference to Message Id: 2161317

 Emperor scorpion possible broken tail and leg???

aww, sorry for your loss

They can get fungus infections known as mycosis. Mycosis is usually seen on dry/desert scorpions like the desert hairy. A scorpion has mycosis when you can see dark areas on their body, usually around the legs. This occurs when the humidity is too high for the scorpion.

That dried bird looking excrement is probably scorpion poop. It looks like that lol.
Btw, you should join
It’s a great site for all things scorpion, hope to see you there!

07/09/10  08:04pm

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