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 Can any1 help

hi a just got this scorpian and the guy at the shop told me it was called a black clawed scorpian av been on the net tryin 2 find out about them but cant find any info on them.. Can any 1 tell me what kind it is cheers

05/12/10  12:02pm


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  Message To: Shawn1984   In reference to Message Id: 2146929

 Can any1 help

that looks like an emperor scorpion. I used to have one, they’re quite docile and unaggressive most of the time. Their venom is no more toxic than that of bees. They’re mostly found in the heavily forrested regions of western and central Africa. Diet consists mainly of millipedes. However crickets work well for them also in captivity.

06/29/10  06:42pm


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  Message To: Bigjayjon   In reference to Message Id: 2159484

 Can any1 help

Yes, it does look similar to an emperor scorpion, but it is actually an Asian Forest Scorpion. It is under the genus Heterometrus. One way you can tell is by looking at the claws. Emps have shiny and bumpy claws while this asian forest scorpion as smooth claws.

Btw, both of you should join

It’s an awesome site for any and all scorpion information :)
I feel you can receive a lot more help and know much more scorpion enthusiasts there.

06/30/10  02:53am

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